León, Nicaragua              October 26, 1998

My first year here I had Ceciio cut down a couple of looms to narrow widths for use with hand shuttles.  They'd never used anything but fly-shuttles and right away they asked to convert the wider (40") of the two looms to a fly shuttle, and they seem to really like that one.  The narrower width makes weaving faster and easier.  But there’s a 22 inch weaving width loom I thought would be good for place mats that they just stuck back in a corner and refused to have anything to do with it.

But this year they had so many warps on so many looms they needed to try the narrow loom again.  Danelia was particularly anxious because she suffers so with her shoulders when she weaves with a fly-shuttle.  She’s been doing well with the hand shuttle, too, and is sure her career as a weaver will be extended.  It won’t be long until she develops speed.  I told her to work on doing it perfectly first, and with practice speed will come.  (That’s always been my teaching philosophy.)


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