I moved to Ana's last night.

Leon Nicaragua

June 4, 1997

HI Lolli,

There's a piece of cardboard in the office that has color fotos of woven products and people at the Co-op, including you with them. Down in the lower right hand corner it says: Recuerdo de Lolli Jakson. Thought you'd like to know they remember you.

They took the sink out of the kitchen and set it to the side. One day I'll ask why. Now they just have a big kitchen waste basket, one of those tall plastic ones, under the faucet. They empty that water on the banana trees up front. Good thing-the poor trees are starving for want of water.

I wish I had a bird book. And a lizard book. I've only seen those small lizards that are everywhere until this morning. There was a great big one wandering under the trees until Cecilio went to catch it and it took off like lightning. There are some big black birds with rounded tail feathers about the size of geckos in the banana trees.

June 5

Moved to Ana's last night. Its different this year. She has a new flush toilet, and the bed with the big hole in the springs is gone. She now has a beautiful wooden bed with a cane platform and a foam pad on it. Four beautiful high-backed wooden rocking chairs. A newer TV (black and white) with good reception. The zinc roofing is sitting leaning against a wall ready to put up. She has a big 20 inch floor fan they put in my room at night and some day I may use it but I doubt it.

Johana (Ana's daughter) brought the girls and Yerson Adonis over. He's a doll of a toddler with tightly curled black hair. She left the baby, Jonni, at home. She said she had four now (Jonni was born after I left.) I said "Bastante!" She looked surprised, then said, "Si, bastante." Later she turned sideways and I saw she is pregnant again. I promise I'll learn to keep my mouth shut some day.



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