Lolli is teaching:

College of the Redwoods -  Mendocino Coast
Textile classes at College of the Redwoods have been suspended due to budget cuts.
Janice Sullivan had taken over teaching, weaving and fabric printing and dyeing.  She may be offering textile classes through community service.  Check with Janice.

Summer 2010 Mendocino Art Center
(see MAC link for full schedule of classes


Aug 23 ~ 27  (Monday - Friday)
Lolli Jacobsen

Class meets 9:30 am to 4:30 pm,
Members $255; non-members $280
SU02 T705

This class will cover everything a beginner needs to know from choosing materials and weave structures to warping a loom, weaving and finishing. Students will receive individual attention in working with a variety of loom-controlled and weaver-controller patterns and techniques. It is an ideal refresher course and will expand skills for more advanced weavers. Students can choose to weave samplers or work on an individual project. Materials fee $3.



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