Lolli is spending most of her time in Seattle
with her 94 year old mother, Margaret.

Lolli Gallery

Multi-process silk scarves
Hand died and painted, dye screen printed, color removed, paint screen printed, foiled.  $95.00 each

"Pines" silk scarves

Details of "Pines"


"Eucalyptus"   36 X 36 inches Detail of "Eucalyptus"

Straw into Gold Series made with shredded money

"Funny Money" 6X6"   $199.99

Detail of "Funny Money"

"Cash in Hand"  9.5 X 5"  $199.99

"Cash in Hand" Detail

"Straw into Gold #1"  13.5 X 10"  $199.99 

"Straw into Gold #1" Detail

"Show me the money"  6.5 X 5"  $199.99

"Show me the money" Detail

Globalization Series: NAFTA

NAFTA Detail

Globalization Series: GATT

GATT Detail

"Redwoods" weaving  52 X 36  $350 "Redwood's" detail


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